SentriX Security Provisioning with NXP

Securing IoT Devices from Design through Manufacturing with NXP's A71CH Device

Design Security in with the A71CH

OEMs for IoT products are facing several problems including the risk of IP theft, product cloning and the threat of system hacking by those seeking to exploit vulnerabilities found in modern connected devices.  Security is no longer a "nice-to-have" option when designing Internet of things (IoT) devices. The best method for OEMs to prevent attacks is to design hardware-based security, such as the NXP A71CH, directly into their products.  NXP's A71CH secure element and Data I/O's SentriX Security Provisioning Solution enable IoT OEMs and electronic manufacturers of all sizes to provide a cost-effective, secure provisioning solution for the NXP A71CH.

NXP's A71CH is a ready-to-use secure element for IoT devices providing a root of trust at the IC level and delivers chip-to-cloud security right out of the box, so you can safely connect to IoT clouds and services without writing security code or exposing keys.  A71CH enables Plug & Trust for IoT devices including:

  • Root of trust for IoT applicationsNXP A71CH
  • End-to-end security, from chip to edge to cloud
  • Plug & Trust: ready to use solution for easy system integration


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Provisioning the A71CH in Manufacturing

After designing security into your IoT device using the NXP A71CH you will need to provision the device during the manufacturing process.  Data I/O and NXP have collaborated to provide trusted and secured provisioning solution for NXP's A71CH device for OEMs of all size and volume. The SentriX Secure Provisioning System allows OEMs to securely embed a hardware-based root-of-trust in the A71CH during the manufacturing flow. The SentriX system from Data I/O, combined with other services provided by distributors, programming centers and EMS partners, allow OEMs of any size to securely provision A71CH devices from early samples all the way to high volume production.

The SentriX Secure Provisioning System enables OEMs to:

  • Embed security for trusted devices during pre-programming
  • Enable secure supply chain for OEMs of any size and volume
  • Deliver secure framework to maintain firmware integrity throughout product life cycle

To learn more about provisioning the NXP A71CH device in manufacturing contact Data I/O:


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