OEMs care about strong device security for IoT applications

Why OEMs care about IoT Security

OEMs require robust hardware and software security for IoT devices to protect their brand and meet regulation, data privacy and safety requirements.  The best design approach is to build hardware-based security into their products.


SentriX Features & Benefits

An Ideal security deployment process eliminates road bloacks to building secure products for your OEM customers.

Benefits of SentriX Security Deployment as-a-Service


Security Deployment as-a-Service: How it Works

SentriX Product CreatorTM Collaboration Tool

Collaborate with OEM & silicon vendor on pre-configured use cases or custom security flow with Data I/O's Product Creator software application.

  • Import Keys and certificates needed for selected use cases
  • Enables security profile definition for production
  • Wraps OEM secrets to production equipment HSM

SentriX GOTM*

  • Easy-to-use
  • Supports most common use cases
  • Moderage flexibility
  • Suitable for high or low volume

    *Use cases based on device functionality but include device ID, cloud onboarding, secure boot, authenticity verification, access control and static data

SentriX Custom

A custom security flow supports complex security requirements enabling you to take full advantage of security features in a security IC or microcontroller

  • Powerful collaboration tool
  • Supports complex provisioning
  • High flexibility
  • Suitable for high volume



Supported Devices

Security ICs

  • Infineon Optiga TPM
  • Infineon Optiga Trust E
  • Infineon Optiga Trust M
  • Infineon Optiga Trust X
  • Maxim Integrated Deep Cover® DS28C36
  • Maxim Integrated Deep Cover® DS2476
  • NXP A70CM
  • NXP A71CH
  • NXP SE050
  • More soon!

Microcontrollers & Microprocessors

  • Cypress PSoC 6
  • Microchip SAML11
  • NXP LPC5500
  • NXP FS32K
  • Renesas RX651
  • More soon!


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Security Partners

Data I/O partners with ecosystem leaders to secure connected devices for
OEMs of all size and volume

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