Programming for Medical Devices

Quality. Traceability. Security.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our daily lives, Data I/O is here to support medical device electronic manufactures with the quality, traceability and security required for mission critical applications.

When Quality Matters:
Highest production yield up to 99.8%
  • Trusted to program over a billions devices
  • Proven & repeatable programming results with Version Control software
  • Minimize human error with bar code scanning


When Traceability Matters:
Software applications to meet strict requirements
  • Component level programming history for extensive traceability
  • Protect IP with job auditing
  • Extract data via xml files for easy integration into factory and third party systems


When Security Matters:
Security Deployment as-a-Service for strong device security
  • Brand Protection
  • IP Protection
  • Regulation
  • Supply Chain Integrity

Trusted by Global Medical Device Manufacturers

With over 45 years of innovative programming solutions, Data I/O has developed the most reliable automated programming systems and comprehensive suite of software applications designed to meet best practices for medical device manufacturers.  Our solutions are configured to meet the highest quality standards including:

  • 3D Coplanarity Inspection
  • 2D Tape-out Inspection
  • Fiber Laser marking
  • Version Control
  • Integrated Ionizers
  • Traceability software & MES integration
  • Security provisioning

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